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Meet The Team

Lighthouse People – Discover the personalities who help lead and guide us.

So, ‘Lighthouse People’, who are they? These are the folks central to the organisation. From the Staff, who lead us on a day-to-day basis; the Trustees, who are responsible for governance and strategy; and our volunteers, who are invaluable in the delivery of our activities, they all bring their incredible talent and dedication to ensure we can deliver support to those who need it.


Operations Manager

This position is currently vacant.

Welcome Dee


We’re governed by our Board of Trustees, who are all volunteers for The Lighthouse. The trustees have ultimate responsibility for our charity’s vision, performance, development and strategy. Moreover, they meet regularly to discuss our governance and operations.

As of February 2024, we have four Trustees. They are:

Robin Beadle, Daniel Birkett, Fiona Cameron & Sarah Mason.


Our volunteers are crucial in helping us change lives. In brief, their roles are varied, from being members of our Board of Trustees, running our Drop-In activities and other services, and fundraising to cheering us on at events, carrying out research, managing communications and social media or speaking about the organisation at events and talks. Occasionally, a volunteer may carry out several different roles. Altogether, they all help improve the lives of local people experiencing difficulty with their mental health and well-being.

While we are keen to have more, The Lighthouse has 13 amazing active volunteers. Among them are:

Fee, Robin, Dave, Jayne, Jenni, Cathy, Anne, Jessy, Jenny, Adie, Nigel and Paul

Lighthouse People are mostly Volunteers

As of October 2023, only Staff are paid employees of The Lighthouse. Our Trustees are volunteers, and our Volunteers are, of course, volunteers. Undeniably, we could not function as an organisation without the skills, knowledge, and life experiences they all bring.

Finally, The Lighthouse is always keen to welcome new volunteers to help with our services and activities. If you are interested and want to learn more, then – Visit our Volunteering information page.