Our last walk was on Tuesday 1st November, details below.


Watch this space for updates, and details of our next walk will be posted here soon! It will be in early December.


Jakki says:


Yet another enjoyable walk by Lighthouse – Walk Number: 59 ‘The Big Windermere Walk’. A troop of seven of us, including our leaders and guides, Nigel and Paul, ventured on a circular trek above Windermere taking in Orrest Head, Holehird Gardens and High Hag Wood.


Although we didn’t use it until the last few yards of the ascent, I was pleased to see that there is now a fully accessible path to the top of Orrest Head. What would Alfred Wainwright think, I wonder, after all, it was the first fell he climbed? I think he would puff on his pipe, and nod in quiet satisfaction.


It was hard to believe it was the beginning of November as the weather was mild and, overall dry. On reaching the apex of Orrest Head we were rewarded with beautiful views of the surrounding hills and the glistening waters of Lake Windermere in the valley below. From there, we descended, a somewhat slippery slope before journeying through farmland, and along a country lane or two, to the gardens at Holehird. Although there isn’t too much to see in the gardens at this time of year, it was evident that the dedicated horticulturalists were hard at work preparing for the stunning displays I know we will see in the Spring and Summer of 2023.


While at Holehird we did a circumnavigation of their small tarn before heading back to Windermere town centre via the tranquillity of High Hag Wood.


This walk found me, for once, on my best behaviour (yeah, as if that's going to happen!), and making polite conversation, for amongst our troop we had Robin, the Manager of Lighthouse, and Lois, from Cumbria CVS, who were keen to experience, first hand, one of the wonderful Lighthouse walks. I think they enjoyed it.


On our way we encountered sheep and cattle, including a very chilled-looking ram, who, at tupping season, I suspect was very much looking forward to meeting his allotment of thirty-five to fifty attractive ewes who were munching on grass in the surrounding leas, and a handsome, but forlorn, looking bull. The latter was appreciative of the vigorous forehead scratch which I was only too pleased to give him as he asked me so nicely.


We took the opportunity to hug a tree or two, to take a tumble or three (myself included, although I managed to ensure no one saw my embarrassment), and admire displays of an amazing variety of interesting fungi growing in the open fields and on damp tree trunks.


I have to say, I’m not convinced as to the veracity of my map graphic! I feel pretty sure we walked more than three and a half miles (my separate health app seems to confirm this), and I’m intrigued by the extremely straight section, between Common Wood and Holehird, which is clearly depicted. This looks not dissimilar to the straight and level flight path of the brace of RAF Typhoon fighter jets that flew overhead at about the same time. Perhaps their high-tech navigation equipment interfered with my GPS!


Sadly, due to a tight schedule, I was not able to stay for an end-of-walk coffee, the decorous way to round off a lovely day. I’m sure there was cake to be had too, in fact, I’m sure of it!


Thank you, Nigel and Paul, – see you next time!



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