We are excited to announce that we are opening a new drop-in group at Stricklandgate House in Kendal on Thursday afternoons from 1pm to 3pm. Next session is Thursday 22nd September. Everybody is welcome so please join us and please spread the word. If you intend to come along please contact us first so we know who is coming.


Secondly we have set up a survey to find out how the cost of living crisis is affecting our members. PLEASE, if you are connected with the Lighthouse or Beacon in any way, could you complete the survey at the following link. We are attending an event in early October where the results will be presented, and it is important to the Lighthouse that we make a good contribution to this initiative. Please help us do so, and the information provided is anonymous.


Please share this with anybody who you know that attends the Lighthouse, Beacon or any of our events and activities. Only one submission per person though!


There are paper forms available at the Lighthouse if anybody prefers this.


Thank you